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Established in 1997, the Jerakala Foundations goal is to create a sustainable agri-econosystem that will continue to grow through the generations.

We are currently running approximately 600 head of [predominantly] Angus and Hereford bred cattle on a property consisting of 22,000 acres across the North Burnett Region.

In February 2012 we welcomed our first international backpacker onto our farm and our Volunteer Farm Worker program began.  We have since had over 65 volunteers from all over the world experience our Aussie family farm life for periods of up to 5 months and we have achieved many things. 

Thanks to many hands and a lot of hard work, in February 2013 we opened a Bed & Breakfast Farmstay and have since had 110 nights booked and over 250 guests stay. Jerakala Bed & Breakfast was recently featured on Queensland Weekender.

In July 2013, continuing to work on growing our Agri-econosystem and with a goal of creating a true paddock to conscious consumer experience, the Jerakala foundation purchased a small country meat processing plant and retail butcher shop in Eidsvold Qld and Burnett Butchery (Qld) Pty Ltd was born.

After a massive learning curve and now operating in its second year, Burnett Butchery is experiencing steady growth and is ready to shift into second gear with home deliveries to the Sunshine Coast starting on Friday 31st October.

We have many other plans in the making, but if I have learnt anything during this 17 year long journey (through drought, flood and drought) it is these three things:

* nothing happens overnight
* nothing is what it seems 
* and all you really need is passion, patience and persistence!
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